Timothy’s Delivery services. (魔女の宅急便 AU)

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(I try to use English to write it, but my grammar is too.....well, not good & some maybe Chinese feeling, I hope you can understand.) 


Timothy’s Delivery services today open as usual. Today, the first order was from Alfred of Wayne Manor.

“Good morning, Timothy.” Alfred smiled.

Tim smile too and said “Good morning, Alfred. Do you place a delivery order, don’t you?”


Alfred nodded & invited Tim into Manor.

“Yes. Would you help me to deliver the cookie to Wayne Enterprises? Master Bruce said he wanted to eat after the meeting. But I still have many work in the Manor, cannot deliver them myself.”


Tim smiles again “It is my pleasure.”


Alfred placed a bag of cookie on Tim’s hand. Meanwhile, the cat on Tim’s shoulder meowing “I want to eat! Meow! Drake, give me the cookie!”


Tim shoot his head “No, it is not yours. It is Mr. Wayne.”


“Is it your cat?” Alfred asked.

“Um…he is my partner, actually. His name is Damian, I always call him Dami.” Then Tim puts his finger poke Dami’s face softly. “And he is a greedy.”

“Don’t touch me Drake, I will bit you.”


Tim raised eyebrows “Well, if you bit me, I will not buy any dessert to you.”



Alfred blinked, and back to kitchen again. When he came out, his hand had one more small bag of cookie. He smiled softly “This is for you and Damian. I made too many. Delivery service is a hard work, you can eat them when rest.”

Tim was surprises “Oh, it is …so nice, and thank you.”


Alfred smile kindly & put a hand on Tim’s head “The cookie is on you.”

“Sure! I will deliver it on time.”




After a long flying on broom, Tim arrived Wayne Enterprises. He raised the level to the top of this building.

“Here is so high, Dami, do you afraid?”

Damian snorted “Absolutely not.”

“Then, try this.” Tim laughed naughty, he turn down and up, rotate several. When he stopped, he and Damian arrived the rooftop.


“Are you ok?” He asked, but Damian did not reply, he hided into Tim’s cloth. Tim took him out of his cloth, Damian’s tail swayed slowly.

“You look not good, Dami.”


Damian had a little bit dizzy, but he tried to sober up and clawed on Tim’s face. Before he could reply, sound of clapping rang out “A mystical flying show. How do you do that?”

It is a man voice.

Tim find the source of the voice and wave his hand friendly. “Oh..Hi, I am Timothy, a witch trainee. Nice to meet you.”

The man nodded “Yes, you sure is. I am Bruce Wayne. Timothy, where is my cookie?”

Tim take out the bag of cookie from his bag “Here it is, sir. And hope you enjoy our delivery service.”

Bruce put a cookie into his mouth immediately. “It still warm. Good job.”

“Thank you very much!” Tim is happy because getting the praise.


“Hey! Idiot Tim, this man is dangers! Keep away from him! Now!” Damian yelled & stared at Bruce.

Because Bruce did not have magic, he cannot hear what Damian said. He cling around Damian by his big and warm hand.

“It is your cat? It is so small.”

“Don’t touch me! You this idiot human!” Damian struggled, but is still hold tight by Bruce. He start scratched Damian’s hind neck softly and skill. Damian is also from resisting to enjoying this scratch.

“Yes…yes…is here…Tim, you must need to learn this…yes..” Damian whispered.


Tim looked at their reaction “Um…Mr. Wayne, do you love cat?”

“Yes, they are cute. By the way, I felt familiar with it. What is its name?”

“His name is Damian.”


Bruce nodded and put Damian back to Tim’s hand. “I will ask Alfred order the delivery order to you in future.”

“Ha ha, thank you for the further business.” Tim laughed and said also thank you the sexiness of Damian. But he will never say this to Damian. He didn’t want his talon.


Suddenly, Bruce step forward and inch close to Tim. Then he put a soft kiss on Tim’s cheek “You are also cute too, Timothy. See you later, little witch.”


Before Tim had any respond, Damian yelled again “I told you! I told you he is dangerous! Hey, you this idiot hummmmmmm”

Tim put a hand to close Damian’s mouth, let him shut up. Then he drove on his broom and smiled “See you later. Goodbye.”

He flied away from Wayne Enterprise and he needed to thinks how to claim down his angry little partner on the way. 



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